The Unicorn Project

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The following comments were kindly offered by artists and charities that The Unicorn Project has had the privilege of working with in the past.

Jadea Kelly: songwriter/singer

"With thanks to David & The Unicorn Project, musicians are flourishing throughout our city. Music, culture and art are the very foundation of a healthy community...and thanks to David these artists are able to create and perform for those who benefit from it most"

Samantha Martin: songwriter/singer

  "Just when I least expected, and when I needed it the most The Unicorn Project generously donated money to the making of "Send The Nightingale" for Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar. The Unicorn Project is one man who is a fan of live music - and he wants to help musicians afford to keep making music. No strings attached financial backing for small projects in the music industry is a mythical creature - often talked about but rarely seen. I feel very fortunate to have been one of the lucky ones."

Richard Marsella, Executive Director, Regent Park School of Music

“The Unicorn Project is a very special pillar in the city of Toronto.  RPSM is honoured to gain the support of such a unique & philanthropic vision in The Unicorn Project.  From directly supporting some of the greatest artists in the city, to community music schools like ours, it’s my hope that a model like The Unicorn Project becomes viral in our country!”

Vanessa Falcon Executive Director, Herizon House

"I​t is my pleasure to extend my thanks once again to The Unicorn Project for participating in our concert fundraiser, Hope Rising.

I know that you experienced first-hand what a success Hope Rising was in every way.  We were so pleased by how much our guests enjoyed all aspects of the event, and received many enthusiastic comments.  Without you, we would never have had the chance to experience the wonderful talent of Andria Simone, we are truly grateful for your generosity.  Your dedication to music is inspirational, and your deeply caring spirit is evident in the work you do. 

Herizon House is privileged to have been a part of the Unicorn Project.  It is with the help of community partners like you that we are able to continue our mission:  To provide a safe, supportive and empowering environment for abused women and their children, and, through education, promote equality for all persons, working towards a safer community.
Thank-you, again, for your kind support.  With your help, Hope is Rising!"